Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

Located in an ethnically diverse residential neighborhood directly on the border of northern Brooklyn and western Queens, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center is a 350-bed teaching hospital. A dedicated staff of 1,800 physicians, nurses and support personnel care for patients thirty-five distinct languages and cultures.

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center has been providing medical care to the community since 1889. Today, we see 90,500 visits annually in our Pediatric/Adult Emergency Departments, deliver 1,400 babies, offer outpatient services to thousands at our network of community ambulatory care centers and present extensive community health education and screening programs.

Acquiring New Equipment and Expanding Clinical Programs

Additionally, at a time when many hospitals are experiencing significant reductions in resources and services, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center continues to respond to the growing healthcare needs of the communities we serve by acquiring new equipment and expanding clinical programs. Recent improvements include addition of an on-site MRI to ensure that community residents do not have to travel outside the neighborhood to access advanced radiologic procedures; establishment of a cardiac catheterization lab for definitive diagnostic tests that assess coronary circulation and overall heart function; and access to a discrete Women's Health Center that offers a comprehensive range of obstetrical and gynecological services in maximum privacy and comfort for female patients of all ages.

Extraordinary Cooperation

Patients who are hospitalized at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center observe extraordinary cooperation between the Hospital's clinical and non-clinical personnel. While physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals oversee the medical management of the patients, non-clinical staff members visit with patients to ensure that their personal non-medical comfort needs are being met. Furthermore, the Hospital's ecumenical Chaplaincy Program provides for the spiritual needs of our patients and their families, and for those who so desire, the Hospital's chapel is open 24 hours a day for meditation and worship.

To ensure the future healthcare needs of the communities we serve, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, in partnership with the New York Medical College, undertakes the responsibility of training new generations of qualified physicians. Upon graduation, a large number of these physicians remain in the surrounding neighborhoods, setting up private practices in order to serve the communities from whom they have learned.

Quality patient care is dedicated team effort. At Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, we have created a warm, caring place for healing, and our team is ready for you whenever you need us.

Tel: (718) 963-7272