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Wyckoff Heights Medical Center (WHMC) ensures the confidentiality of every patients’ medical records.  We also honor patients’ and patients’ representatives’ right to access patients’ medical records under Federal and New York State law.  Patients have the right to receive a copy of their medical record in an electronic or paper form. 

 A patients’ medical record is accessible on the FollowMyHealth patient portal.  The patient portal allows a simple and convenient method to manage your personal health record with access to the electronic record, laboratory test results, and radiology and diagnostic testing results.  

 If you would like to submit a medical record request online and the information is not found in the FollowMyHealth patient portal, please click on the following link(s) below. Please note that patients who wish to request their medical records need to complete the Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information in respective language (English/Spanish/Mandarin/Russian).  They must also send a copy of a government issued identification. Medical records requests are to be directed to the Health Information Management Department at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, 374 Stockholm Street, Brooklyn, New York. To request copies of diagnostic images (X-rays, CTs, MRI, sonograms, etc.) multiple contacts for patients’ records. 


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There are several methods to request medical records, including:

There are several methods to request medical records, including:

  • Email
  • Fax
  • Mail
  • In person



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